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Asha is a truly versatile performer. With a Classical Music degree and a passion for world music, she has the technical mastery required to play a Mozart concerto, the personality to perform in a rock band and the knowledge and skill to master the fast paced rhythms and melodies of choro.





Having all studied with Brazilian music legend Doug de Vries and in Brazil, the members of Tamandua are experts in the field. Australia’s leading flautist in the choro style, Asha Henfry leads this new ensemble dedicated to presenting a fresh, contemporary approach to an old but flowering style of music. With a line-up of flute (Asha Henfry), bass guitar (Jorge Albuquerque), cavaquinho (Josh Bridges) and drum kit (Al Kerr), Tamandua play music that sits somewhere between jazz and chamber music. Infectious afro Brazilian grooves, virtuosic musicianship and joyful melodies will make you want to practice your samba moves and dream of lazy summer days in old world Rio de Janeiro. Tamandua play with a true Brazilian instinct. They just know how to swing it.

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Panorama Brasil

Panorama do Brasil draws on the diverse musical landscape of Brazil: music with influences from the arid interior, the Amazonian basin, and the streets of Rio and Salvador.

Panorama do Brasil is the latest project from drummer/composer Alastair Kerr, a long-time student of Brazilian music, recognised as one of Australia’s best exponents of Brazilian percussion. Kerr is known for his work with groups such as The Doug de Vries Trio, and Trio Agogo, and is leading this new group focusing on Brazilian influenced jazz. With Asha Henfry (flute), Al Parsons (trombone), Matt Boden (piano) and Jorge Albuquerque (bass).

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Sexteto Zona Sul


Drawing on the rich repertoire of Brazilian Choro, Sexteto Zona Sul is a Melbourne combo put together by Doug de Vries, a leading exponent of this mostly instrumental music. Featuring classic compositions by Jacob do Bandolim, Pixinguinha and new original works in this ever expanding genre that combines polka and samba with virtuosity and ingenuity.

Doug de Vries – mandolin and tenor guitar
Asha Henfry – flute
Adam May – cavaquinho
Ken Murray – guitar
Corey King – 7 string guitar
Al Kerr – pandeiro

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Slide Night

Mysterious and alluring Slide Night is a seven-piece ensemble that plays kitsch 1950s exotica music with a dark twist. The ensemble mixes classic arrangements from the likes of Les Baxter and Martin Denny with original compositions and arrangements. Slide Night perform along side two slide projectors beaming authentic travel slides from around the world. 
Cecilia Low - vocals
Asha Henfry - flutes and percussion
Nat Grant - vibraphone and percussion
Al Kerr - congas and percussion
Peter Clancy - guitar
Andre Lobanov - double bass
Christopher de Groot - keyboard, flutes and percussion

Arrangements and compositions by Christopher de Groot.
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