Asha Henfry

Asha Henfry is a Melbourne-based flute player on the forefront of cross-genre, improvised music in Australia. As an honours graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, she masterfully merges her extensive knowledge of classical, jazz and world music stylings and challenges the traditional boundaries of the flute. Read more

I’m in love with Asha Henfry’s sparkling flute and the way it’s paired with Al Kerr’s percussion, as showcased in Panorama Do Brasil’s latest album, ‘Flor de Pedra‘.
— Nikos Fotakis,
Asha, flute. Next level!
— Emma Peel, PBS Radio
Asha always made our lessons enjoyable, even when we were playing scales. It was such a privilege to be taught by Asha, her influence as a musician has left a lasting positive impression.
— Olympia, private student

Upcoming performances

Asha performs regularly at venues around Melbourne, festivals and special events. If you'd like to attend one of her live performances check her calendar of upcoming performances here. Click on a highlighted date for performance locations, ticket prices and times.

If you would like to discuss booking Asha for a performance you can contact her here.

The flute can do so much. Most people think of it as a pretty instrument meant only for the orchestra, but it can be dirty and percussive too. That’s the aspect of this instrument that excites me the most.
— Asha Henfry